Cyber Espionage and International Law

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Författare: Dr Russell Buchan

Cyber Espionage and the. States are creating military operations that specialize in cyberattack and defense to adapt.

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But cybersecurity and legal experts said the hack would not be considered an act of war under international law and will likely go down in history as an act of espionage. Inexplicit issues in international law are at the core of cyber espionage due to its recent development and rapid capability advancement. In light of this section 4 identifies the international law implicated by cyber espionage and assesses the extent to which it regulates this practice. The International Legal Regulation of Cyber Espionage. First to provide a working definition of the concept of cyber espionage in order to provide some muchneeded clarification to the meaning of this practice and further to refine the research scope of this chapter. They emphasized however that this exception is narrow and limited solely to acts of espionage Tallinn Manual 2.0 International Law Applicable to Cyber Operations p. 9 10 Since fighting cybercrime involves great amount of sophisticated legal and other measures only milestones rather than full texts are provided here. Prior to joining CIGI Aaron practised law for a number of organizations focusing on international regulatory and environmental law. DEFINING CYBER ESPIONAGE Although cyber espionage is a relatively new phenomenon espionage is certainly not. Peacetime Cyber Espionage New Tendencies in Public International Law... Liis Vihul of Cyber Law International discussed cyberspace.

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