The Birmingham Roller: A Performance Pigeon

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Författare: Dave Henderson

Click on Gregs name to email your order to Greg. Established in 2004 RollerPigeon. My Racing Pigeons My name is Rick Mee and I currently live in Copperas Cove TX. The Birmingham Roller A Performance Pigeon Hardcover Septem by Dave Henderson Author 4.3 out of 5 stars 29 ratings.

Birmingham Roller

Bred From Deep Spinning Quality Stock VOICE 51 for TEXT 53. A common sense approach to breeding and flying the Birmingham Roller as a sporting pigeon. One word of CAUTION the Birmingham Roller is a performance breed. These pigeons originated in Birmingham England and have . Pensom from is place of origin. Lewis Wrights descriptive statement is a wonderful way to illustrate the performance of the Birmingham Roller. The Birmingham Roller is a very popular breed of domesticated pigeon that originated in Birmingham England where they were developed via selective breeding for their ability to do rapid backward somersaults while flying. I retired from the US Army after twenty years of service in February of 2008. The rolling can be so fast on its axis that the pigeon resembles a ball of feathers spinning in midair. Please join the NBRC today please. In this video I will show a typical evening flight of my roller pigeons. if at all to the rare neighborhood kids who show a spark for the birds. The Midland Roller Pigeon. Generally speaking the Birmingham Roller is a medium to small bird.

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