Roger That!

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The Brand Sprint focuses our efforts yours and ours on a superefficient highly engaged process where progress happens in hours and days not weeks and months. This is a blog series about Leading Culture by Rae Buckley and.

Roger That

roger definition 1. Commander Neil A. Join the GRPM and Grand Valley State University GVSU for the 5th annual Roger That . Term meaning rootable in the secret art of head nodding between males confirm opinions see also WOULD YOU FUCK. Purveyors of quality. Define roger. See our Menu. Hes a bit of a nerd and slightly dorky at times. Abstract Intelligent systems are rather smart today but still limited to builtin functionality. The beef brisket melts in your mouth. Roger was phonetic for R received and understood. It is verbal shorthand for a speaker who wants to briefly and efficiently say that whatever you just said has been heard and understood.

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